Whether you are experienced sailors who want to sail hard, relative novices who want to sit back and let the crew do the work, or just enjoy nature at its finest, get active on and in the water, or simply laze the day away anchored close-in to a deserted beach, luxury yacht Marae offers relaxation, exhilaration and pure indulgence at every turn.
While Marae is a joy to sail, her shoal draft allows her to get closer to shore than almost any other yacht of her size, meaning you and your guests can enjoy the tranquillity of quiet anchorages that others cannot reach.
Once there, a world of opportunities awaits. Her extensive toy store includes towed inflatables, two Laser dinghies, wakeboarding, waterskiing, fishing, snorkelling and even your own private island with built-in cooler and sound system, while her all-new entertainment system – controlled by iPads and iPod Touch remotes – allows for watching TV or movies, listening to music, or reviewing your own photos of your day from your own Apple gear almost anywhere on board.
Superb sailing. Refined living. Uncompromising luxury. Unparalleled service. Unequalled amenities. Unforgettable experiences. Shared memories that will last a lifetime.
This is Marae.