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Sail yacht Marae was built by the world-renowned New Zealand superyacht builder Alloy Yachts in 2004. The award-winning Marae has proven herself to be one of the finest luxury sailing yachts afloat today Sail yacht Marae offers a base in which to explore from. Being able to move between islands and anchor so close to the beach, island exploring is only a short swim or ride on the tender away Sail yacht Marae offers relaxation, exhilaration and pure indulgence at every turn. Sail yacht Marae is unrivalled when it comes to luxury Sail yacht Marae has many toys onboard for the guests to enjoy. Kayaking is a great way to find private beached and hidden snorkelling locations Sailing on sail yacht Maraeā€™s laser sailboat is a great way for guest to improve their sailing skills while being closer to the water Peace is hard to find in todays busy world. Sail yacht Marae delivers you to a place of peace many though could not be found The Caribbean is a great place to sail around on board sail yacht Marae. The Caribbean culture is beautifully unique and welcoming culture. The Caribbean is made up of endless islands that are full of hidden gems and many safe sail yacht anchorages When there is enough wind present, sail yacht Marae is a smooth yet rapid yacht to sail Sail yacht Marae is a yacht of true luxury and with a dedicated team on board who are very experienced sailors, it is also an extremely safe yacht